98% of new vehicles sold (20 automakers) have pledged to have some sort of reminder to check the back seat every time you turn off the ignition by 2025. This comes after a record number of children (53) died last year due to being left in the back seat of a hot car. So far this year, 37 children have died.

The reminder would give a visual and audible reminder to check the backseat anytime the ignition is turned off. I think this is a great idea and will hopefully prove to be successful. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers says that this solution is a minimum, reports KARE 11, "and doesn't preclude automakers from coming up with more sophisticated solutions."

There are some that already have a reminder system. KARE 11 says that "General Motors, for instance, has a reminder on all of its four-door sedans, trucks and SUVs starting with the 2019 model year."

The only auto manufacturer that did not agree to put in these reminders was Tesla. The U.S. House is also considering a bill that would require these kinds of alerts in all cars.


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