A recently shared video from the True North Minneapolis - Legacy Facebook page, offers those outside the neighborhood and community of North Minneapolis a glimpse of what sobering reality is right now, gunfire at all hours of the day, and people fleeing that gunfire by any means necessary. Even if it means driving in reverse through the streets.

The video has been shared over a thousand times and it shows you the events that occurred on Monday afternoon in what we presume to be Ray Nelson's North Minneapolis neighborhood. Nelson, who lives near the intersection of North Dowling Ave & North Girard Ave has shared doorbell camera video before, and sadly it often features gunfire being exchanged nearby.

Imagine living in this neighborhood, and you've recently come back from duty overseas, thinking that you've escaped the sound of gunfire, and you come back to a neighborhood that is constantly on the brink of what seems like living in the Wild West. There's no way you could stay, it would be too much if you had any amount of PTSD.


You can see the reaction of a person walking to the gunfire from the same area in the video above from the North Minneapolis Crime Watch and Information page. The man in the video looks to be running for safety as the gunfire erupts. Ducking as if the shots being fired were being directed towards the area he is in.

When is something going to change? When will the people behind these guns be held responsible for terrorizing a neighborhood and city? Until that happens I don't feel we are going to see the change we all want to see come to this part of Minneapolis.

I hope that someday soon, North Minneapolis gets that change, for everyone's sake.

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