Smoke from the country's West Coast wildfires made its way to Minnesota earlier this week, making for some pretty end-of-the-world scenes.

Photos posted to the Minnesota thread of online discussion forum Reddit this week show just how thick the smoke and haze around Minnesota was. In many photos, the sun -- something we're normally discouraged from looking at directly -- can be seen visibly glowing as an eerie red orb in the sky. One photo taken in Elk River is titled "The Thousand Mile Haze."

(If photo above does not show, refresh page or click here) A couple more photos show the smoke and sun as seen in Rochester and Pine City, MN.  


(If photo above does not show, refresh page or click here

For all of its eeriness, one photo taken of the Como Zoo shows a haunting beauty to the haze.

(If photo above does not show, refresh page or click here

Photo posted to Twitter by Spokane-based meteorologist Thomas Patrick show even more apocalyptic-like conditions in Washington.

According to CNN, smoke from the West Coast's wildfires have even reached Northern Europe. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) reports that the fire activity has been tens to hundreds of times more intense than the U.S.’s average from 2003 to 2019. Western states have been battling dangerous fires since the beginning of September caused by hot temperatures and dry conditions.

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