ST. PAUL -- A state House committee Monday is again considering a "sick and safe time" bill.

The measure narrowly passed in the House last session but stalled in the Republican Senate.

Bill author, Duluth Democrat Liz Olson says the pandemic helped put the need for such a bill in sharper focus...

and if we were to have something like this happen, to be able to have workers be able to take time off when they were sick without worried about not getting paid, if we would've had this benefit at the start, would things have maybe looked differently in terms of community spread, people still going to work sick

Representative Olson says more than 900-thousand Minnesotans don't have an earned sick and safe time benefit at work.

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Opponents of the bill are concerned that small businesses could be driven out of business by such a requirement.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.

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