It's always interesting to look back at our history. I rediscovered this recently when I discovered a listing for a vintage photograph for sale that featured a Duluth couple. That photo was from the late 1800s and it was fun to speculate on who they were and what life was like in the Northland at that time.

Another popular subject for history buffs is the automobile industry. Every summer there are car shows where collectors and fans alike get together to look at the rich history of automobiles and how designs evolved.

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Just have cars have changed over the years, so too have the license plates that we place on them. In Minnesota, the first license plate as we know it was issued in 1909 and they've changed just about every year since then. Some changes are modest, others bold.

Minnesota 1953 License Plate / WorthPoint
Minnesota 1953 License Plate / WorthPoint

Take a look now at Minnesota's license plates from 1909 through today. What did they look like the year you were born?

See What Minnesota's License Plates Looked Like The Year You Were Born

Nothing beats a nostalgia trip. It's always fun to see how things looked the year you were born and how much they've changed throughout the years.

Minnesota's license plates have certainly gone through many evolutions. The first "license plate" was actually a rectangular black leather automobile license tag with a brass number '1' on the center front. It was issued by the State Boiler Inspector in the State of Minnesota in 1903.

The first Minnesota license plate as we know it was issued in 1909. Let's take a look at that license plate and then all the plates that followed, along with some interesting Wikipedia knowledge as we go. We've certainly come a long way!

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