We all love our state bird the Loon. It's majestic and the calls of the Loon can be mesmerizing on a summer night. But you've also probably thought, at least once, those red eyes can be a little creepy. Maybe that was the thought when this Minnesota based movie was being put together.

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Have you heard of this new movie "Loon! the Movie"? Neither had I, until a friend of mine informed me that it was showing at a movie theater in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Right by where she lives. The premise; killer loons in Minnesota. Say what? You hear about our state bird being the center of a thriller, it's only natural to want to see what it's all about.

So I did what any other Minnesotan would do, I went to go watch the trailer and learn more about this movie, that I could only guess wasn't going national. After watching the trailer I feel my instincts were right on that. I couldn't decide if I should laugh or be disturbed by the trailer. I'm a person who can get scared pretty easily, but this is most definitely a low budget film and special effects aren't what we are used to when watching a movie on the movie screen.

The trailer was actually shared on October 31, 2022 (appropriately on Halloween) to YouTube and it's description of "Loon! the Movie" is as follows:

Get ready to scream and laugh in terror as LOON! takes you on a horror-filled ride. A northern Minnesota lake seems peaceful until a series of bizarre and violent attacks begin to terrorize its residents. As survivors dig deeper into the mystery, they can't believe their eyes - the attackers are killer loons! Soon they realize that nothing is as it seems and the answer may be more horrifying than they could ever imagined.

Actually, the description is intriguing and you can see the movie coming up in different locations such as:

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  • Between now and February 3,2023 see it at The River Cinema in East Grand Forks
  • February 2, 2023 The Grandview Theater in St. Paul will be showing it
  • February 4, 2023 The Trylon Theater in Minneapolis will show it last.

But hey you can contact them for bookings too, at loon.movie.2023@gmail.com or give a call 218-209-2429, because it's all Minnesota and it's Minnesotans supporting other Minnesotans. But maybe watch the trailer before deciding:

Too good or too bad not to see?

You decide. But I'm getting a mix of vibes from the old classic "The Birds" and that movie terrified me of birds and I don't want to be that terrified of Loons, but also it made me laugh at times so it could be amusing for a few hours. Lastly, it was a bit cringy on parts, only because the special effects look a little cheesy, but that can sometimes be the charm of low budget indie films like this. Again, it's Minnesota and I like supporting Minnesota so seeing it just might have to happen.

If you've seen it, I want to hear about it PLEASE!! Send me a message on our app

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