Schweich's Bar and Hotel in Kenyon has closed their doors. The Kenyon Leader article said the doors were locked and that workers were removing perishable items from the building on Monday.

According to the article they talked with Lawrence Schweich and he confirmed that Schweich's is closed and likely to remain so for a while. He said it was because of a continuing decline in his health, which has been a concern for some time, and ongoing health concerns for his daughter, Leslie Marrinan, who has been the manager of the business since it opened in the summer of 2013.

He also told the Leader that he is liquidating some of his other business holdings.

Schweich was also responsible for renovating the Kenyon Event center that was used for some private events this past winter but was never officially opened.

Boulevard of Roses in Kenyon- photo by Gordy Kosfeld June 21, 2017