Hate winters in Minnesota? You're definitely not alone. Each year that passes, many people start talking about leaving for the winter, just like the birds. What if you could have a non-stop flight to a tropical location? Would you be boarding that plane at the first sign of snowfall?

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Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash


If that describes you, you just might be in luck. Beginning this winter, Minneapolis International Airport is going to be offering non-stop flights from Minneapolis to Maui, Hawaii!


According to 'The Thrifty Traveler's website, Delta will be flying you to your favorite resort via a Boeing 767-300ER, which features Delta One Business class seats, but they are outdated. They also have Delta Comfort Plus seats that have extra legroom onboard but no Delta Premium Select cabin.  If you are like me and fly economy anyway,  they say that economy seats are 'roomy.' Delta Airlines will offer daily non-stop flights to Maui, Hawaii, beginning December 16th, 2023. Okay; so maybe it's not at the first sign of snowfall; but just enough for you to have had enough of it.

Photo by Amy Vosters on Unsplash
Photo by Amy Vosters on Unsplash

The flights will run December through March 31st, with flights scheduled to depart around 11:45 am, and arriving in Maui at 4:55 in the afternoon.


Tickets are going on sale this Saturday.

Delta currently offers nonstop service from Honolulu To Minneapolis, but with this new flight to Maui, people who love going to the beach can skip a connecting flight and get to their favorite resorts on Maui.

If you were wondering; it takes about 8 hours to fly from Minneapolis to Maui, and a little bit less than that on your way back to Minnesota. Let's go!


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