Yesterday the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office posted a picture of a semi-automatic rifle with a large ammunition magazine to their social media page, indicating that they had recently taken the rifle and ammunition magazine off the streets. While it's great that they took a weapon off the streets from someone who wasn't supposed to have one, does it make the streets in Hennepin County safer?


The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to taking illegally possesed guns off the streets. This AR-15...

Posted by Hennepin County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, September 30, 2021


A person could argue that yes indeed a weapon in the hands of someone who isn't supposed to own one or operate one is dangerous, and there is probably a reason or reasons that a person shouldn't have a gun. One could also agree that taking the large ammunition magazine, capable according to the Sheriff's Office post of holding 100 rounds of ammunition, off the streets limits the destruction that many bullets can cause.

But if we've learned anything those who aren't supposed to have guns seem to still get them. Look to the cities in America where there are bans on selling weapons. The violence continues.

The gun itself isn't illegal to own, the magazine, although it holds 100 rounds isn't illegal to have in Minnesota. 

Responsible gun owners know these things, and it's pictures and posts like this that make responsible gun owners nervous, as it portrays legal firearms and magazines as illegal.

While there is now one less gun on the street in Hennepin County, there are now several under-informed people that simply think having these items is illegal based on a photo.

We are at a point that whoever had that weapon, will more than likely just get another one from someone willing to sell them one, illegally. So I have to ask the question again are the streets any safer after taking that gun away?

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