There is not enough denim in Nashville to cover all of the '90s deliciousness going on when Runaway June cover the Dwight Yoakam hit "Fast as You."

Okay, there probably is, even though those '90s country stars wore their jeans pretty tight. Runaway June have no trouble squeezing into this song, though. The 2017 Taste of Country RISERS acoustic performance kicks off with that classic riff before vocalist Naomi Cooke starts in with that sweaty, sassy, sultry melody. She drags the back of every word just like Yoakam used to do. Suddenly we're in a '90s spiral and loving every minute of it. Hey, did somebody feed our Tamagotchi?

Runaway June are one of seven artists chosen for the inaugural RISERS lineup. During a video shoot in February, the trio (including Jennifer Wayne and Hannah Mulholland) performed their hit song "Lipstick," talked about how superstars like Garth Brooks showed them kindness and played this wonderful cover song.

All month long the RISERS cover performances will be rolling out. Brett Young's cover of "Hallelujah" came first, and the response was immediate and powerful. But the "Wild West" trio prove that this class of newcomers is as versatile as they are talented.

Taste of Country's first-ever RISERS were chosen by a select group of country music fans, programmers, executives and media. The 2017 class features Jacob Davis, Farewell Angelina, Kalie Shorr and more.

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