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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man has been charged with a carjacking that occurred in Rochester earlier this summer.

50-year-old Calvin Reavers is facing a first-degree aggravated robbery charge in connection with the June 2 incident. He is currently being held in the Olmsted County jail without bail.

photo by Andy Brownell/TSM
photo by Andy Brownell/TSM

According to the criminal complaint, Reavers was the person who allegedly pointed a sawed-off shotgun at another man while robbing him of his car. The court record says the incident occurred while the victim was sitting in the 2004 BMW in front of his residence. He told police an SUV pulled up in front of his car and Reavers got out before he grabbed the shotgun and pointed it at the victim.

The charges allege Reavers then punched the victim, pulled him out of the car, and ordered the woman in the SUV to get in the BMW and drive away while Reavers drove away in the SUV.

The victim told police he knew Reavers because he had sold him the BMW. The complaint says Reavers and the woman were apprehended the following day in the BMW following a traffic stop in Lake City.

Reavers is scheduled to make his first court appearance on October 19.

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