Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn joined us during our morning news today to discuss the latest IRS scams that have been circulating throughout the county.  The Sheriff noted his office has received at least half a dozen phone calls from people saying they were the recipients of a official looking letter from the IRS.  The letter says an audit was completed on their tax return and inconsistencies were found with previously filed returns.

The letter then directs them to send a $5,000 money order to the IRS within 10 days in an enclosed envelope addressed to the "Finance Department in Houston, Texas."  Dunn told us none of the people who contacted his office sent any money and he appreciates it when people contact his office and inform them about receiving these letters.

The Rice County Sheriff says it's very hard to catch these culprits but the more letters they know about, the more counts can be charged against the scammers if they are caught.

Dunn also said there have been a number of phone scams from people claiming to be from the IRS and asking for credit information or bank information.  The IRS will NEVER contact you by phone or request immediate payment in that manner.

Rice County is not the only place where these scammers have been operating.  The Stearns County Sheriff's Office has also issued a news release warning residents about a phone scam where scammers claim to be with the Internal Revenue Service.

Interim Sheriff Don Gudmundson says his office has received a number of reports about the activity.

If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS both Sheriff Gudmundson and Sheriff Dunn say simply, "hang up."

Dunn adds, "Don't become a victim."


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