Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn says their officers were dispatched along with Lonsdale Rescue and Northfield Ambulance Thursday at 5:18 p.m. to a report of an unconscious female victim.  Upon arrival it was learned CPR had been administered by some bystanders.  Rescue personnel found a pulse but the victim appeared to be in respiratory distress.  Naloxone was administered to the victim,  After the second dose, the female was able to breath on her own and started to regain consciousness.  The 28 year old Lonsdale woman was transported to the Northfield Hospital for treatment and evaluation.

Sheriff Dunn says, "This victim is fortunate to be alive today.  Because of the cooperative effort of bystanders, Lonsdale Fire/Rescue, Rice County Deputies and Northfield Hospital medics. the victim is alive today."  The Sheriff adds this was the second known drug overdose in Rice County since Monday.  Both incidents involved the use of heroin and it is believed this heroin may be laced with fentanyl.  That speculation was made because of how much naloxone had been administered to revive the victims.

Sheriff Dunn says the naloxone used by his officers is furnished by Northfield Hospital through a state grant administered by the Minnesota Metro Region EMS System.   Northfield Hospital paramedics also provide training on the usage of the drug at no cost to area first responders and those working with at-risk populations.

In a news release Sheriff Dunn emphasizes if you witness a suspected overdose, "Don't run, call 911".  He says, "You might be the only one that an save a friend or loved one.  If you suffer from opioid additiction or know someone that does, contact Sterling Pharmacy of your local physician to obtain your own naloxone."

The Rice County Sheriff adds, "The training is easy and the cost is minimal."  He adds, "If you find someone in potential overdose or unresponsive, call 911 immediately, stay on the scene, provide CPR and help emergency responders with information and any drug details you might know."

These professionals can also refer you to people who can help you actively deal with you addiction.

Rice County Law Enforcement Center Faribault, Mn.-photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Rice County Law Enforcement Center Faribault, Mn.-photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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