Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn and Faribault Police Chief Andy Bohlen were guests on our Friday KDHL AM Minnesota program.  During the informative visit the Sheriff told listeners he requested more clarification from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources about what was allowed during the Burning Permit Restrictions Order.

Dunn said he asked for some bullet points and the DNR obliged.  This is a list of what permits are allowed during the burning restrictions in southeast Minnesota:

  • Brush piles on fields that will be planted 2020
  • Brush piles on hayfields
  • Expired CRP grass on land that will be farmed 2020
  • Brush piles that need to be burned so a construction project can continue
  • CRP acres that have been extended past the 3 year Mid Management Practice (burns by landowner or contractor)
  • CRP acres that are in the 3rd year of Mandatory Mid Management Practice (burns by landowner or contractor)
  • Cost share running fire where cost share expires this year
  • CRP burns and other running fires that are contracted to a vendor to be burned in 2020

In a news release issued by the Rice County Sheriff it adds:

"When possible multiple vehicles should be used when traveling to burns to maintain social distance between people.  During the burn, maintain 6 feet between people during briefing and other burn activity unless a safety issue arises.  If 6 foot social distance cannot be implemented safely, consider canceling the burn."

The DNR says, "Burning Permit Restrictions with variances allowed are on due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The intention is to limit interactions between those who write the permits and those who come into offices to get them.  There are also concerns about first responder availability if a fire were to get away.  We are waiting for the spike in cases to come down before we lift the restrictions."

3' by 3' recreational fires are still allowed if weather conditions are good.

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