The Rice County Board of Commissioners today approved salaries for themselves and the only other elected positions in the county, the Sheriff and County Attorney.

Last week there was lengthy discussion about the County Attorney request for a salary increase.  John Fossum went before the board and stated he would like an increase in line with what the other county employees were receiving.  He told Commissioners the discussion needed to be in a public meeting and the salary needed to be approved at this week’s County Board meeting.

Commissioner Galen Malecha objected to that last week but today did go along voting for the increase.

There was some discussion last week about the possibility of placing the two other elected officials on the county pay scale.  Fossum stated it does happen elsewhere

The County Attorney salary was set at $161,200 in 2022 which is a 6.9 percent increase.  The Sheriff will be paid $143,312.  County Commissioners compensation was outlined by County Administrator Sara Folsted…

If you didn’t catch all that the commissioners salary will be $40,379.98 with $75 per diem for qualified meetings. $100 per diem for Planning and Zoning and Board of Adjustment plus mileage.

Commissioner Dave Miller submitted a letter stating he will maintain his 2016 salary.

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