Being a member of the online group "You know you grew up in Faribault when..." has its advantages. One of those advantages is seeing a bunch of retro photos from Faribault's past, like the ones that Scot Halvey posted recently about the days when a piece of cardboard, some sneakers, and dancing were a way to interact with one another.

Scot posted to the page, pictures from the early 80s from the Faribo West Mall and the Faribo West Side Mall Breakers. A breakdancing group that apparently was quite popular here in town.

There were even classes that were offered at the original Fitness in Motion, located at the time at 129 Central Ave in Downtown Faribault. The breakdancing classes offered the person 8-one hour classes, and even promoted that people could learn how to 'moonwalk'.

The Faribo West Side Mall Breakers brings back memories of when the mall was full of various stores/businesses and it was the place to be. Over the years shoppers have seen a migration of stores/businesses coming back to downtown areas rather than in malls across much of greater Minnesota.

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I knew breakdancing was big in the 80s and into the early 90s, and clubs would be an obvious way for people to enjoy it. I just never knew that its popularity would have been so large and have such an impact on people as I saw on the Facebook book page.

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