There have been reports of a bear wandering around Bloomington, so what should you do if you happen to encounter a bear outside the 'normal' bear zone in Minnesota? Good question.

According to the Bloomington Police Department, a bear has been reported to be wandering around the area, police are advising the residents that the bear most likely won't stick around the area, and to leave it be if you happen to run across it. But what should you really do if you encounter a bear outside of Northern Minnesota, where bears are naturally found?

According to the Minnesota DNR website, if you should happen to cross paths with a bear in Minnesota you should do the following:

  • Watch from a safe distance, or from the inside of a home or camper, to assess why it is there (for example, is there a food source like birdseed attracting it?).
  • Wait and see if the bear leaves on its own. If the bear does not leave on its own, but approaches (e.g., comes up on the deck, or puts its paws on windows or doors), it’s time to try to scare it away: boldly shout, bang pots, slam door, or throw something.
  • If you have bear spray, remove the safety, and be ready to use it if the bear approaches you.

Bears Have Come Close To Home Recently

It should also be noted that there was a reported bear sighting just North of Northfield in February according to the Minnesota DNR Bear Tracker, which tracks reports of bears outside the normal range of bears in Minnesota, which runs from the Northern third of the state across the Mississippi River and ending in Central Minnesota. Other recent bear sightings were West of Cannon Falls as recently as Late-March.

Image Credit: Minnesota DNR Bear Tracker
Image Credit: Minnesota DNR Bear Tracker

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