Now that people are gearing up and making plans to get out and about this summer, after pretty much nothing happening last summer due to COVID-19, there is one spot in Minnesota, that offers up the opportunity to sleep like you were living out life as if you were playing the game Oregon Trail. Check out these Conestoga Covered Wagons that people are renting out.

Image Credit: Josh Hanson via VRBO
Image Credit: Josh Hanson via VRBO
Image Credit: Josh Hanson via VRBO has a listing up for the covered wagon stay, located in Vergas which is near Detroit Lakes, for $150 a night. The wagons in the listing state that they each sleep 4 and there are other amenities included.

Here is a portion of the listing from the VRBO page:

Each wagon sleeps 4 guests with a king-size bed and bunk beds. Guests have the option of renting a single wagon or both. Each wagon comes with its own grill, outdoor table, fire pit, and bathroom. Game/Laundry room and kitchenette will be shared if the other wagon is rented. The wagons overlook the north shore of Rose Lake, one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in Minnesota. Sandy shorelines make this spot a perfect place for all water activities, especially swimming. 

What I can appreciate about this idea is that I can imagine I am living out like the settlers and pioneers did way back when, but I still have the comforts and things like advanced medicine that living in this day in age has. The one thing that I would have really appreciated reading in the listing is that cell phone service is spotty, that would truly make this place/stay that much more enjoyable for me when I go on vacation.

A quick look at the availability of the wagons shows that it seems to be pretty popular as a lot of weekends are already booked.


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