The Randolph Rockets are one of three undefeated teams entering the MSHSL Class A State Tournament at Caswell Park in North Mankato beginning Tuesday.  The coaches in the tournament conducted seedings Saturday.  Coaches seed all the teams except themselves,

Randolph (24-0) has been ranked #1 among the smallest schools in the state since the start of the season.  POWER 96 Radio, 95.9 FM and free POWER 96 app will be covering the Rockets at the State Tournament with Roy Koenig on the call.  They open Tuesday in a scheduled 3:00 p.m. game against the Sebeka Trojans (18-6).

The first round is do or die.  If Randolph wins they play again 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night.  If they lose that game they would play for 3rd place 10:00 a.m. Wednesday.  If the Rockets are victorious in the semifinal they would play for the State Championship Noon Wednesday.

Randolph enters the State Tournament with a team batting average of .397 and team ERA of 0.62 while the Trojans sport a .307 average and Earned Run Average of 2.52.  Sebeka has 27 stolen bases in 29 attempts while the Rockets are 10 for 10 in that department.

#2 seed Badger-Greenbush-Middle River Gators (26-0) open against the Springfield Tigers (19-5) at the same time.  All Class A first round games have scheduled start times of 3:00 p.m. Tuesday.

The Gators batting average is .462, ERA 0.69.  They are 44 of 45 in stolen bases with 15 triples and have 11 errors total this season.  Badger-Greenbush-Middle River has outscored their opponents 268-28.

The Tigers are hitting .302 with a 3.17 ERA.  They are 29 of 32 in stolen bases and have 23 errors.

#3 seed, the Browerville Tigers (23-0) are hitting .308 as a team.  Earned Run Average is 0.12.  They are 34 of 35 in stolen bases and according to their statistics have 2 errors all year.

The Tigers face Section 1A Champion Wabasha-Kellogg Falcons (15-11) who defeated Waterville-Elysian-Morristown twice to get to the State Tournament.  The Falcons are hitting .392 with a 3.59 ERA.  They are 24 of 28 in stolen bases with 16 errors.

#4 seed Edgerton Southwest MN Christian Flying Dutchmen (19-3) did not provide any statistics.  They go up against #5 seed Cherry Tigers (21-3) also with no statistics.

In Class 2A LeSueur-Henderson (21-1) has been top ranked most of the year and was awarded the top seed.  The Giants open against the Hawley Golden Nuggets (24-2) and both teams do not have complete statistics online.  All first round 2A games are scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m.

#2 seed went to the Maple Lake Irish (23-3) hitting .367 with 0.97 team ERA.  They have 17 home runs, 61 doubles, are 29 of 31 in stolen bases.  The Irish play the Pipestone Area Arrows (25-3) with a team batting average of .389 and ERA 0.73.

Section 1AA Champion St. Charles Saints (22-4)  knocked off a couple softball titans on their way to this year's MSHSL State Tournament in Zumbrota-Mazeppa and Winona Cotter.  The Saints go marching into the tournament with a team batting average of .328, team ERA 2.14, 67 stolen bases, 28 errors and they've turned 11 doouble plays.

The Mounds Park Academy Panthers (19-0) were not seeded and play St. Charles in the first round. The St. Paul school team batting average is .443, ERA 2.14,  They are 23 of 25 in stolent bases with 6 errors on their statistics sheet.

#4 seed Greenway Raiders of Coleraine (25-0) had no complete statistics online.  Their draw was the Annandale Cardinals (23-2) also with no complete statistics found.

In Class 3A the Big Nine Conference has won the class ever since the classes were expanded to 4.  Northfield won in 2019, Faribault in 2018.  Winona in 2017, Mankato West in 2016.

The two Big Nine teams and two South Suburban teams are in the same bracket so they won't play each other for a state title.  Top seed Mankato West Scarlets (20-5) open with North Branch (15-8).  Class 4A games scheduled for a 11:00 a.m. start Tuesday at Caswell Park in North Mankato.

The Scarlets had no updated stats online.  They open with the North Branch Vikings (15-8)  also with no statistics located online.

#2 seed St. Anthony Village Huskies (23-1) tangles with Benilde-St. Margaret's (17-6).

The Huskies are hitting .391 with an ERA of 0.94.  They have 55 stolen bases, 73 extra base hits including 17 home runs and report 7 errors all season.

The Red Knights have hit .328, ERA is 2.17 with 55 extra base hits including 13 home runs.  They have 25 stolen bases.

#3 seed Becker Bulldogs (17-8 goes up against Cretin-Derham Hall Raiders (11-12).  The Purple Raiders don't appear to have updated statistics online.  Becker has a team batting average of .346, ERA is 2.22 with 20 stolen bases, 17 home runs, 58 extra base hits and 39 errors.

#4 seed Winona Winhawks (19-5)  is hitting .414 with a 1.82 ERA, 86 extra base hits including 16 home runs.  They report 43 errors.

The Winhawks will open with the Sartell St. Stephen Sabres (21-2).  No statistics found online.

Class 4A starts 9:00 a.m. with #1 seed Stillwater Area Ponies (23-1) playing Forest Lake Rangers (22-4).  The Ponies are hitting .379 with 25 home runs, 55 extra base hits.  They have a team ERA of 1.39 with 4 errors reported and 29 stolen bases.

The Rangers are hitting .342 with team ERA of 1.58.  They have 79 extra base hits with 16 home runs.  A whopping 106 stolen bases and report committing 37 errors,

#2 seed Centennial Cougars of Circle Pines (21-1) hit .331 with ERA of 0.98.  They have 37 stolen bases, 10 home runs with 13 errors.

The Cougars play the Hopkins Royals (20-4) hitting .343 with 2.04 ERA.  They have 26 home runs, 22 stolen bases and report 3 errors all year.

#3 seed Rosemount Irish (21-1) open with fellow South Suburban member the Lakeville North Panthers (17-6).   The Irish clubbed at a .365 clip with a 0.76 ERA.  They have 21 home runs.  The Panthers statistics don't appear to be updated online.

#4 seed Chanhassen Storm (21-2) hit .349 with 1.45 ERA.  They have 26 home runs, 38 stolen bases.  #5 seed Elk River Elks (20-3) are Chanhassen's opening round opponent.

The Elks are hitting .352 with 1.80 ERA, 28 stolen bases, 33 errors.

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