There's a new policy being proposed at the University of Minnesota to prohibit pets from being in classrooms, labs, and offices. The goal is to make sure all students and employees feel comfortable. Service animals would still be permitted but emotional-support animals and other pets would not.

If an animal lunges, barks, goes to the bathroom, etc. it can cause a disturbance. It's also an issue for students and staff who have allergies. Also, as KARE 11 writes, emotional support animals "typically aren't trained to be out in public" whereas service animals are.

Students would still be allowed to have an emotional support animal in university housing but they would have to be approved by the Disability Resource Center first.

The policy would include exceptions. Animals getting medical treatment on-campus, animals being used for instruction, animals that are official mascots of the NCAA, and animals being used for patriotic ceremonies.


Source: KARE 11


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