It was just a few weeks ago that popular sunflower planter Johnny Fish, of Fish Sunflowers, decreed on social media that the popular fields which were made open to the public complete with props would be closing and off-limits after continued damage was inflicted on both props and the crops.

After some thought, Johnny Fish announced that there would be more fields that would be opening up, but there would be a catch. Don't expect there to be props, and if there are props, respect them and treat them accordingly.

You can watch the video posted by Johnny Fish here, as he talks about his feelings with the damaged props and what he plans on doing next, the general synopsis is that he was going to bury his feelings as not let a few disruptors ruin the joy of many.

Some things to know though about the Fish Sunflower fields moving forward, according to his post to Facebook:

  • Props: In the future, if there are any props in the field, please treat them with respect as they are personal property and many are very valuable and have a lot of meaning. If you wouldn’t do it to your own personal property, please don’t do it to ours.
  • Who the fields are planted for: Please remember who these fields are planted for; they are planted for those that are suffering and have lost loved ones, please treat the fields like a sanctuary garden. Most fields are located on private property with personal guarantees that the landowner’s wishes will be followed.
  • Field Locations: We will no longer be releasing the specific cities or addresses until the sunflowers are blooming and ready to enjoy.

Speaking of sunflowers, there is a sunflower maze? along Highway 3 on your way to Northfield from Faribault on the East side of the road. Does anyone know what that is about? Is that related to the Fish Sunflower plots?

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