The City of Plymouth said it best: "For Plymouth police officers, there's no telling what call could come in next."

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On Tuesday, November 4th, police responded to a report of two bald eagles 'stuck' together on a Plymouth roadway.

The beautiful creatures seemingly couldn't untangle and fly away. So, the police department offered some assistance.

Thankfully, the birds weren't injured and were able to fly away after being unattached.

Now I know better than to trust Facebook for anything educational, but some users made good hypothetical guesses on how the eagles got into this mess.

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Charles S. explained: "Eagle breeding season is upon us. Soon we will be seeing the nest on the DNR cam with little chicks. The males will show dominance by flying really high in the sky, grab each other's talons and spin down. Whoever lets go first is the loser in that round. Sometimes they both hit the ground and survive, other times they both die. All in a day in the life of a male eagle."

All I have to say is I am so thankful I'm not a male eagle.

Now, "if this ever happens call the University of Minnesota ASAP as they specialize in anything to do with eagles! If you need help with an injured or orphaned bird of prey, or have any other questions about programs, call [their] mainline at 612-624-4745. Phones are monitored 8 am-9 pm, and birds can be admitted 8 am-7 pm each day," according to one Facebook User, Chuck H.

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