We have 3 levels to our ears; Inner, middle and external.  Dr. Ted Truitt from St. Cloud ENT appeared on WJON's Health Matters program this week.  An example of exterior ear issues include a build up of wax and swimmer's ear.  Truitt says Q-tips are not recommended and can do more harm than good.  He says a certain amount of wax in the ear is healthy.  Truitt says over cleaning the ear can remove the little hairs in the ear canal which can lead to issues.

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Middle ear problems can include ear drum issues, fluid build up, eustachian tube dysfunction, and hearing bone problems.  If someone feels they have these type of issues Dr. Truitt encourages you to see a doctor.  Inner ear problems can include hearing loss and/or an assortment of diseases.

Some non ear causes of hearing loss include jaw joint problems, muscle or spinal problems.  Dr. Truitt says hearing aids have made tremendous improvements over the years and can really help those who are experiences hearing loss.

Ear infections can also cause the ears to plug.  He discusses how to treat an adult and a child.   Truitt says Hummingbird tubes can be used to place tubes under local anesthesia in the office.

If you'd like to hear my conversation with Dr. Ted Truitt it is available below.







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