Is this the alligator that attacked and killed a man in Slidell, La. during Hurricane Ida?

Mario Sperandeo posted a photo of a HUGE alligator that was reportedly killed after authorities were able to locate it near the location where a Slidell man went missing and was attacked.

According to a report a few weeks ago, St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s deputies along with the Special Operation Division, and the U. S. and Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, captured the 12-foot alligator, weighing 504 pounds in the Avery Estates area.

Now, we may have a photo of the super predator alligator that attacked and killed 71-year-old Timothy Satterlee Sr.

The photo below shows a monster gator in the bucket of a tractor and if this is indeed the predator that attacked the Slidell man in his yard, that was flooded after Ida, this is a travesty.

The 12-foot monster weighed over 500 pounds and human remains were found in its stomach when investigators cut it open.

Authorities feared that this huge alligator would strike again, thus that is why they hunted it for days after the attack.

If you recall, the wife of the man attacked witnessed all of this and by the time she was able to get help for her husband it was too late and he was gone.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith hopes that catching the gator and retrieving the human remains, will offer the Satterlee family some sort of closure after this bizarre incident.

Here's the photo of the alleged alligator.


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