Heidi Nelson, Executive Director of the Paradise Center for the Arts (PCA) Told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners today their fundraising has gone well despite COVID.

The Paradise needs to raise $250,000 in order to receive $250,000 from the City of Faribault.  The PCA embarked on a "100 Club Campaign."

For $2,500 you receive a lifetime membership .  No more paying for memberships every year.  Many people joined the "100 Club" before the end of 2020.

Nelson says, "We were so appreciative for all the people who gave donations and became members of the 100 Club.  On New Year's Eve 2020 I was able to pay off our line of credit.  Which was just under $50,000 dollars. A huge accomplisment for the Paradise.  Then in the next eight or nine days we received another almost $40,000."

"So we left a little bit of money in our account.  In January I was able to put $35,000 against the principal for our mortgage.  We're looking at about $135,000 more dollars for us to raise." Nelson commented.

"We're so close we can taste it and we're just really excited and hope that people will jump on and show their support of the arts in southern Minnesota and the Faribault area." She added.

The audio from the program is available below.

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