Friday afternoon I received a news release from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture that caught my attention. Palmer Amaranth was confirmed in Minnesota again, this time in Todd County. Remember last year Palmer Amaranth was found in Lyon and Yellow Medicine Counties. Due to local agronomists being on the lookout for Palmer Amaranth officials believe none of the Palmer went to seed this year. The fields that had Palmer Amaranth last year did have a few plants this year that were quickly identified and destroyed.

The Palmer Amaranth found its way to Minnesota last year in pollinator mix that farmers planted on their CRP land. This year Palmer Amaranth was in some conservation seed a farmer bought and planted on his land. So, if you are buying any type of seed not grown in Minnesota be very careful that it is certified or pure seed. It you have questions about the supplier you are buying seed from contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.


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