With snow making with way in for the first time this year, it's time for the annual reminder about the city's Snow and Ice Policy!


The City of Owatonna would like to remind it's residents that City Ordinance 94.005 requires that the owner, occupant or person in charge of property within the City of Owatonna to keep sidewalks adjoining their property free and clear of snow and ice.


According to the City of Owatonna's Snow and Ice Policy; all snow, ice, dirt and rubbish must remaining on public sidewalks for more than 24 hours after its deposit thereon is a public nuisance. Owners and/or the occupant(s) of any property that is adjacent to a public sidewalk shall use due diligence to keep the sidewalks clear and safe for pedestrians. All snow and ice must be removed from the sidewalks within 24 hours after snow ceases to accumulate.

If one does not clear the snow or ice off of the sidewalk, they will receive a written notice from the City of Owatonna requiring that they must clear the sidewalk within the next 24 hours. If the snow is cleared, not further action will be required. If the snow is not removed within the posted 24 hour notice the City may remove and clear the snow and ice and all related cost will be billed to the property owner.

When clearing snow, it is asked that you do not place snow on the streets. Piles of snow in the gutters will cause a blockage in the drains thus allowing for ice buildup in gutters and sidewalks. For more information about the City's Snow and Ice policies, you can click here!

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