Dave Schlobohm is in one way a very lucky man. He is lucky to be ok after a wall collapsed on his truck in Owatonna Thursday just shortly after he left the truck to go across the street to the Elks Club.

According to the Owatonna People's Press the building on Vine Street is being demolished to make room for the construction of a 54-unit apartment complex.

Schlobohm who is the owner of Ace Construction in Owatonna told the People's Press that he was surprised the site was not blocked off better. He said there was not anything preventing him or others from parking in front of the building.

According to City Engineer/Public Works Director Kyle Skov and Community Development Director Troy Klecker in information they gave the paper, they said  that the company doing the demolition is responsible for requesting that the city block off any roads during the demolition.

JJD Companies of Blooming Prairie was doing the work and had no comment.

The building that was being demolished had been an automobile dealership, a church and a warehouse. It underwent some minor asbestos abatement last week in preparation for its demolition. According to the report.

Schlobohm told the paper "“I’ve been in construction for 35 years, and I’ve had to take precautionary steps whenever I’ve taken a building down,” Schlobohm said. “I don’t think that precautionary steps were taken.”

He said he was ok. His truck however..totaled. He told KDHL on Friday..a little different timing and this could have been a tragic situation.

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