Three out of four runners suffer injuries each year, according to a news release from Allina Health. A running clinic Tuesday will address overuse injuries at Owatonna Hospital.

I have been running for a while and probably have been more lucky than smart when it comes to avoiding injuries. It took me a couple of painful runs to learn that shoes wear out, even when they look fine. I had a mysterious swollen ankle before running Goldy's 10-mile event in April. It didn't hurt, so I ran the event, and the swelling went away just as mysteriously.

I would be wise to go to a running clinic, like the one Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute-Owatonna Hospital will host  on Tuesday, May 16. The event is free, will address proper training and running technique and is open to the public. They ask you to reserve a spot by calling (507) 977-2150. The clinic begins at 6:30PM in the Vision Conference Room 1489 at Owatonna Hospital, 2250 N.W. 26th St.

Dr. Brian Bunkers will discuss overuse injuries. Physical therapist Greg Lenz will cover management of IT band knee pain. Therapist Derek Schelling will present dry needling, a technique to deactivate trigger points in muscles. Physical therapist Jason Jacobs will demonstrate Hawk Grips, an instrument that relieves pain in soft tissue.

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