This argument is one that always comes up, what is the correct way to place toilet paper? We have all experienced it before with some one and well, we finally have the answer to over or under!

Before we get any further, I am a toilet paper over guy. If it is not on correctly, I will change it! Now that I got that out of the way, let's take a look at the original patent for the roll-and-handle design created by the "Father of TP", Scott Wheeler.

United States Patent Office
United States Patent Office

So it's official, toilet paper should go over according to the original patent by Wheel that was submitted to the United States Patent Office in 1891! So the whole "Over/Under" argument was solved over 129 years ago! So, according to Scott Wheel, the TP should go over the roll. According to, about 70 percent of people prefer it over.

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