This is a picture I took early this morning as one of the Faribault city employees cleared the snow from the parking lot across the street. Now I do not like paying taxes any more than anyone else, but sometimes you have to think about what you get for those tax dollars. Going home yesterday afternoon it sure was nice that most of the streets had been plowed, probably more than once, and crews were plowing during the night too. Going to the studio at 4 o'clock this morning, the roads were slippery but most of the roads were plowed recently.

Those who plow snow deserve a big thank you, whether they are city, township, county or MnDOT employees. Many times they work 12-our shifts, holidays included. They give up family gatherings to plow the roads so we can get to ours! In addition to saying thank you, try and help them out. Stay back and give them plenty of room. On a day like today, park where it has been plowed. Normally I park in the city lot across the street, but today it had not been cleared yet. Central Avenue had been plowed so I parked in front of the studio instead. It is easier and faster to clear a parking lot with no cars in the way!