The things Minnesotans do when it gets above freezing...

Video of a Minnesota man seen walking his cat sans shirt has been making its way around online...for good reason. Shared to the Minnesota thread of Reddit by u/Brokbw, the video is captioned "When it’s 45 degrees in Minnesota and both you and your cat need to get out of the house." The short 12-second clip goes on to reveal a man -- wearing only shorts or a swimsuit -- walking his cat outside an apartment complex. It's hard to determine which is weirder -- that he's walking his cat (which seems to be on the leash reluctantly) or that he's shirtless and in shorts.

When it’s 45 degrees in Minnesota and both you and your cat need to get out of the house from r/minnesota

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Naturally, the video has earned its share of comments, mostly humored.

"This is why I have a cat stroller," says one person of the clearly recalcitrant feline. "Also because my cat is lazy [as f***]."

"Dude, the cat is the least weird part about this," commented another. "What about the shirtless jacked dude wearing shorts and no shoes in 45° weather."

"It looks like he’s wearing a swimsuit," offers a third. "Maybe he was walking to an indoor pool. But, why would he take his cat?"

"I can completely relate with this," concurred another.

A survey by YouGov found that people are mostly likely to break out their shorts again when temps are between 61-70 degrees (25%) followed by 71-80 degrees (23%). Only 8% of those surveyed said they'd break out their shorts if temperatures were between 41-50, though it's safe to assume most of those are Minnesotans.

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