The thunderstorms have been impressive the last few week,s but one year ago at this time, we had a 'rip the roof off the house' kinda storm. That's where this video came from.

Do you remember the rain, the wind, the thunder and the lightening from early last June? According to

The Rochester Fire Dept. responded to numerous incidents, including a home in the 600 block of Southtown Heights Dr. SW which had its roof completely blown off. A tree crashed through a wall of a home in the 3500 block of Odyssey Dr. SW and construction trailers were blown over at Bamber Valley Elementary School. RFD crews also found several downed trees and powerlines along 18th Ave. SW which resulted in the road being closed from Mayowood Rd. SW to Westwood Rd. SW.

Now THAT'S a storm.

And the video? That came from my friend Nathan Hauber, back when he lived in Byron. Hail had just finished hitting Byron hard, and Nathan was in his garage. Click the video below to hear Nathan on the air talking about how he shot it, whether he was scared or not, and how his son was almost caught in the storm.

Check out other SEMN Storm Videos...first up the Weather Channel...a guy that was surprised to see a crossing guard.

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