This week, OK Go released yet another mind-blowing music video, this time for 'I Won't Let You Down' from their latest studio album, 'Hungry Ghosts.' While the guys in the band have created some of the most unforgettable music videos in the history of music videos, we here at Diffuser are more interested in their ... Wikipedia page.

That's right -- OK Go have a rich and colorful history, and seemingly, it's all right there on the internet for fans to consume and digest. From their formation in the late '90s all the way to 'Hungry Ghosts,' OK Go's Wiki page is an apparent authority on the band.

But how much of it is accurate? Are there any stretches of truth in there, maybe some outright lies? We decided enough is enough and invited frontman Damian Kulash and bassist Tim Nordwind to our studios to get to the bottom of things.

Check out our exclusive video above for the latest edition of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' as Kulash and Nordwind talk about the name of their band, playing Ms. Pac Man with Elliott Smith, powerful bouts of flatulence and much more.

And when you're done learning all there is to know about OK Go, take a spin with "Weird Al" Yankovic as we quiz him on his own Wikipedia page:

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