USA Today has reprinted an article from the Cincinnati Enquirer authored by Sarah Brookbank about a Ohio man who is on a beer only diet for lent.  The article says he's lost 15 pounds and is feeling great.

I admit I have never done anything special for Lent.  Have you?  I mean in terms of quitting anything during the period or going on any special diet.  I'm Lutheran, but some Lutherans do give up meat or some vice like eating candy or something.  The man in the article, Del Hall is director of sales at the local brewery Fifty West Brewing.

He planned to spend Lent, "using beer as his only calorie intake."  Hall is also quoted in the article, "Just like the monks used to do it back in the 1600s, I'm going to do the same thing.  It's not necessarily about the weight loss as it is the challenge of replicating what the monks did."

Hall told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "Fasting is a big part of being human and we don't really do that anymore."  The effort isn't just about following what the monks did but he also wants to break his addiction to food.

He got his doctor's okay and takes a daily multivitamin.

I do try to make a New Year's resolution and keep it, but this year I have to admit I have not done very well.  My resolution this year was to quit taking the Lord's name in vain.  I know it's wrong and would love to break the bad habit when I get upset about something.

I'm confident it will happen though because I ask for help with it when I pray and I am noticing an improvement.

The beer mug in the picture I purchased in Berlin on a trip to Germany a few years ago.  Pretty cool isn't it?

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