Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson says investigators from his department executed several search warrants last night resulting in the arrest of a person believed to be involved in the Tuesday armed robbery of Premier Bank in Northfield.  Nelson says, "In coordination with multiple agencies," the warrants were executed, "in an outside jurisdiction."

One suspect was taken into custody and , "A significant amount of evidence was collected."  Authorities expect the suspect to be charged Friday and more details will be released at that time.  The Northfield Police Chief continues to urge the public to come forward if they saw anything suspicious Tuesday in downtown Northfield.

If you have any information, contact the Northfield Polilce Department at 507-645-4475 or the FBI at 763-569-8000.

Security camera footage from the robbery shows two men involved.

The same Premier Bank branch, located at 112 Fifth Street in downtown Northfield was robbed last October.  Chief Nelson told KDHL POWER 96 with the robbery taking place in the middle of the day, "somebody had to see something."

He added even the smallest thing could lead to catching the men responsible for the armed robbery.  No one inside was injured.


Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson. Photo by City of Northfield
Northfield Police Chief Monte Nelson. Photo by City of Northfield

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