Another phone scam to watch out for. The alert went out on this one thanks to the Kasson Police Department.  So far, only Kasson residents have been called.

According to their Facebook post (scroll down to see it), the scammer calls the Verizon customer and the customer's number shows up on their phone as the caller.

As they call you, they're already on the Verizon website, have entered your number to change the password, and just need one thing from you. You know how Verizon sends you a PIN when you want to change your password. Well, they text it to you

That PIN is what the scammer needs to actually control your account. Do NOT give anyone a PIN like this. If you get a call as described, just hang up and call Verizon customer service at 611. Phone companies do not reach out like this.

Why do the scammers go thru this? Because if they get access to your account, they can order phones to be sent anywhere.

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