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If you like your burgers with a side of insults, you'll want to make plans to stop at this new burger joint coming to Minnesota this fall.

While restaurants selling burgers isn't anything new here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, THIS restaurant that sells burgers-- and openly insults you while you're dining-- certainly is. In fact, it's right in their slogan: 'Great Burgers, Rude Service, get ready to live out your Karen dreams,' it states.

Yes, being insulted is all part of the deal when you make a reservation at Karen's Diner, which is opening a temporary location here in the Gopher State this fall, as part of their new tour. BringMeTheNews reports that the pop-up location is set to open for two days only, October 14th and 15th on 7th Street in Minneapolis.

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The Karen's Diner restaurant chain has permanent locations across the globe (mainly in the UK and Australia) while the closest to us is their St. Louis location. And, yes, Karen's IS a decidedly different experience. (Check out their TikTok channel here to see what I'm talking about-- just watch out for a few naughty words!)

Here's what the Karen's Diner website says you can expect, should you make a reservation for their run in the Bold North:

Karens is an interactive diner and an absurdly fun experience. At Karens you will be greeted and waited upon by rude waiters and forced to play a variety of games.

You can expect good food, good fun and a dining experience like you've never had before. Let us know if it's your birthday, or if your name is Karen. And for the love of Karen, don't ask to speak to the manager!

You can get more information about Karen's and what their dining experience is all about from the review of their London location below.  And seeing as Karen's started overseas, keep scrolling to check out some typical food here in the US that will raise some eyebrows in other countries!

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