The New Prague High School Choir has a lot to celebrate. Last week it was announced that they won a competition to sing on stage with Foreigner at the Xcel Energy Center on Oct. 5.

In addition to singing on stage, the New Prague Choir will also receive $1,000 from Foreigner and Ford. The contest was hosted by KQRS and Ford and had 16 high school choirs enter. In order to be part of the contest, a video of a high school choir of no more then 12 singers singing at least a 45 seconds of the song "I Wanna Know What Love Is" by Foreigner had to be submitted.

Although the students in the New Prague choir were not yet alive when the song was released, New Prague High School choir director Ryan Uttech said, "Almost all of them recognized the song 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' when we listened to it in class and started figuring out the harmonies. Everyone in the group was very excited to make a recording. We are fortunate to have a lot of talented musicians in choir so we actually learned the harmonies and videotaped it very quickly."

Uttech said that the students are excited to sing on stage at the Xcel Energy Center, but according to Uttech, they will also "get to visit a Ford dealership the day of the concert and give a mini concert of our own with four classic rock songs." The New Prague school and community are said to be working on plans to celebrate this accomplishment, but Uttech acknowledges that, "Not much could beat the experience of singing with Foreigner itself."

Congrats to the New Prague High School Choir! You'll do great singing with Foreigner on Oct. 5! Watch the New Prague Trojans' submission video below.