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Obesity in Minnesota is staying the same-- or, it was, at least-- according to a new report. But there are concerns about what it might do during the coronavirus pandemic.

There is good news and bad news contained in the most recent numbers released over the weekend by the Minnesota Department of Health concerning the obesity rate here in Minnesota. The good news is that our rate was steady between 2018 and 2019. The bad news? Obesity is still at a record-high rate of 30.1 percent, a number we first hit back in 2018.

That's the word from this BringMeTheNews story that quotes leaders from the Department of Health here in Minnesota. And while they're somewhat happy our rate didn't increase again, they're still concerned the rate is steady at 30.1 percent-- meaning one in three Minnesotans is considered 'obese'-- when it was as low as 25 percent just seven years ago, back in 2013.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control defines obesity as having a body-mass index rate (BMI) over 30. Minnesota's obesity rate remains below the national average of 31.4 percent, and also lower than neighboring states North and South Dakota, Iowa, as well as in my home state of Wisconsin, the story noted.

But, the story also noted that leaders are still concerned about our rate during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I thought maybe their concerns might be that we were all eating so much while we've been stuck at home that they were sure our rate would be on the rise again, but, nope, that's not it. (Although I'm guessing that could still be the case...)

The concern is that obesity is considered an underlying condition, which can make it more likely for you to suffer complications from COVID-19, should you become infected. "We have learned that obesity is one of the factors that can make a case of COVID-19 much worse and hospitalization more likely," Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm said in the story.

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