Every year I check to see what new things are happening at the Minnesota Ren Fest.  I love the Ren Fest.  I know that some people are just like "It's just an art fair", well, yes it kind of is.  But it's an art fair with alcohol, fun people, and shenanigans.  As Puke and Snot say...  Ok... I might not go that far, but it's as fun as you make it. If you go by the above, make sure you have a designated driver.

Each year the Renaissance Festival announced their themed weekends, and what new things they have to offer.

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This year it begins on August 20th and runs weekends through October 2.  Plus, Labor Day and this year... Festival Day.  Festival Day is the day when the Queen comes to frolic with the "common folk".  Put very well on their website:

To raise her spirits, King Henry has charged the Master of the Revels to arrange a Festival day.  Today is that Festival day!  The Queen is coming to this Village to take a hiatus from the stoic and worrisome world, and instead, to enjoy the simple pleasures of music and dance, the deliciousness of good food and beverage, and the uncomplicated camaraderie of the common people whom she loves so much.  And, like the Queen, we invite you to escape from your everyday world and revel with us in this frivolous and frolicking Festival day!

The themed weekends this year include fan favorites like the wine, chocolate and romance weekend, woofstock (bring your dog), shamrocks and shenanigans and more!  Pick whatever suits your personality the best.

New this year:


Royal Raptor Center, Sock and Buskin Stage, Shakespeare Shorts, and the Wizard's Cote.


Vikings Valhalla Mead Hall, Monks Craft Beer Pub, CrosSwords tavern


Wine Wake and Bloody Mary Bingo

The Wine Wake has me intrigued.  Does someone die?  Are we celebrating a life?  What's up?  Anyway, go to the Renaissance Festival this year and find out!  All the information you could want, plus a way to get some discount tickets right here.  

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