The New York Post reports, Virginia Tech did research on how effective neck gaiters are as opposed to face masks. Researchers had come out a few months ago and said neck gaiters were not as effective as face masks and said they do not block particles of coronavirus and they could possibly get through the neck gaiter and make you sick. The scientists at Virginia Tech who did this study say that the beck gaiters protect 100% of large particles when someone sneezes or coughs in your direction and even protected against smaller particles coming in your direction as well. So, if you have a neck gaiter, it is just as effective as a face mask and researchers are saying, go ahead and wear it, it will protect you.

I remember hearing that these neck gaiters were not as protective as face masks and my husband was so mad because he just bought them on Amazon. He continued to wear them and of course, rolled his eyes at me when I told him that they weren't as effective. I get it, masks suck, but they keep safe, I guess I should be happy that my husband wears one at all and he's not one of those people who refuse, right? When they were in the laundry, he wore a regular face mask, but he definitely found the neck gaiters to be much more comfortable than a regular mask. So I'm sure I am going to hear "I told you so" when I get home today. But, o well, marriage can bring a lot of those.


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