It has been many decades that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has had the authority to regulate navigable waterways. Navigable waterways were defined and understood as U.S. rivers large enough for navigation, like barge traffic or steamboats back in the day. It was during the Obama Administration that navigable was redefined and we heard of a new phrase, Waters of the Unites States or WOTUS. The Environmental Protection Agency determined that any watershed or waterway that drained into a navigable waterway was a Water of the United States and they had the authority to regulate it.

Needles to sat many farmers and farm groups were not happy and were very concerned with what this might mean in terms of farming practices and new regulations. Then there was the 2015 Waters of the U.S. Rule that "pledged not to return to those overreaching regulations." Now Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Regan announced their intention to reverse the Navigable Waters Protection Rule.

In a nutshell this all began with the Clean Waters Act which I believe was passed in the 1970's. The Environmental Protection Agency gained the authority to regulate Navigable Waters. WOTUS removes the key word navigable thus the Environmental Protection Agency can regulate all waterways. Stay tuned because I think we will hear a lot more about WOTUS and navigable!

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