Much to my surprise, there is a National Superhero Day, a day that was created in 1995 by Marvel employees, and has been celebrated annually since then. The Marvel Universe has brought us such superheroes as The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers. This is not to be confused with the DC world, which has brought us Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. It should be noted that Batman also gets his own day, which is coming up soon.  At this time there is no specific day to honor the supervillains that the Superheroes battle.

What a great day to have created, as you can celebrate the fictional superheroes, or you can celebrate those who embody the superhero life. It is not just superpowers, it could be those who fight evil, or demonstrate courage at every challenge thrown their way.

There are a lot of people that could be considered superheroes, police officers, firefighters, anyone who puts on a military uniform to defend our freedoms, or, in my opinion, all of the athletes that I help coach for Special Olympics. They show courage in everything they attempt.

You don't need to wear a cape and tights to be a superhero, and today is a day we can all


celebrate the heroes in our lives.


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