Salt Lake in Marietta, MN is on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota.

When you think of salt water, you probably don't think of Minnesota. Salt water is in the ocean and the Dead Sea and Great Salt Lake in Utah, not in the Land of 10,000 clear, pristine, beautiful Lakes! Not even lake Superior in all of its grandness is salty! So it may surprise you to know that there is, in fact, a salt lake in Minnesota!

According to Roadside America, Salt Lake in Marietta is not only the only alkaline lake in Minnesota, but it's the only salty body of water between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Salt Lake in Utah!

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Located on the border of Minnesota and South Dakota a 2.5 hour drive from St. Cloud, Salt Lake attracts brine-loving birds and birdwatchers alike. The lake is surrounded by native prairie brimming with wild flowers. A boardwalk and viewing platform allow for viewing while a small beach provides access to the water. The lake acquires its saltiness from the alkaline soils surrounding that run off into the lake. Because the lake has no inlet or outlet, the salt sediment has no place to go, making the lake a truly salty lake! It's said that Salt Lake has one third the salinity of the ocean.

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