Going to a Minnesota Twins game is kind of like a right of passage as a Minnesotan. And while the Metrodome was iconic (R.I.P.) seeing a game at Target Field is a really cool experience. And for just today (Tuesday, April 12th) there's an offer from the Twins where you can get tickets for just $4!

I know some people aren't baseball fans. I had asked on our Facebook page for a sport everyone loves but you just can't get into and some people said baseball.

That's ok! I'm sure someone in your life is a baseball fan and would love to hear about this.

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The deal is going until 11:59 PM tonight (Tuesday, April 12th) so there's not much time. And the tickets are STARTING at $4, by the way. However, you can still get a good deal even if you don't snag $4 tickets.

The $4 tickets will get you a nosebleed spot on either of the foul ball lines. A $25, however, will get you in the lower deck on the foul ball lines. Also, these ticket deals are only for Monday-Thursday games.

Since these are such a good deal, even though they're for weekday games, I'm sure they'll go fast. So if you're interested, check it out before they sell out.

Speaking of things that may sell out, don't miss out on tickets to Rochester Uncorked! It's a huge wine event where you'll be able to sample 100s of wines from around the world. Tap below for tickets.

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