Turns out, baseball isn't the only thing Twins players are good at.

A recent video shared to TikTok by the official Minnesota Twins account shows players in the bullpen dancing and playing maracas.

"Pitching isn’t the only thing they can do," joked the video's caption. The original audio is overlaid with "Salsa Jam No. 1" by Jaycee Mante, which still seems to fit the player's antics just fine.

Apparently, playing music together in the dugout is a frequent pastime for the Twins. Another video shared to TikTok shows a group of players pounding on coolers, stomping their feet and singing together. "Now accepting applications to join our dugout band," reads the video's caption.

Despite losing two out of three games at home against the Cincinnati Reds over the weekend, the Twins came out ahead, winning the AL Central and clinching the #3 seed going into the Playoffs thanks to blunders by the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland Indians. They'll face the Houston Astros in the Wild Card round Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Hopefully the Bomba Squad's dugout band can see them through to the Division Series; at the very least, we know they're sure to provide us more entertainment on TikTok!

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