Minnesota's 6th Congressional District Representative Tom Emmer recently had a Zoom gaffe as he appeared in a recent hearing upside down, to which he told those in attendance, that he "couldn't fix it". Emmer later tweeted out a picture and the words "I AM NOT A CAT" in reference to the Texas lawyer who went viral when their Zoom call filter wouldn't return to normal from a sad kitten.

Representative Emmer was in a House committee meeting on financial services and was being recognized on the floor for five minutes by committee chair Representative Maxine Waters.

Emmer begins his 5 minutes talking about the 'gig-economy' before he is interrupted by Representative Waters asking him if he is ok. It's at this point everyone loses it and starts to laugh. Emmer clearly states to Representative Waters and those in attendance that "I don't know how to fix it". Others chime in on the call asking Tom if this is a metaphor, and one finally quipped to Emmer "At least he's not a cat" A few moments later Rep Emmer is able to undo the filter and continue on. After the meeting, Tom took to Twitter to declare to all that he indeed is not a cat.  

Zoom meetings, a popular form of holding events during the pandemic, have created some interesting internet moments lately, with Minnesota's 6th District Representative becoming the latest one.

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