After having an idea ripped off by Dominos, a Minnesota pizza company is getting back in the best way, through humor. 

Red Wagon Pizza in Minneapolis closed their dining room almost immediately once COVID hit back in March, and filled it with pizza boxes ready for takeout. Two days into that endeavor, they introduced contactless pizza pick up for their customers. When customers come to pick up their order, they call or check in on the app, and the pizza is brought out to their car and placed in a back seat or trunk.

Dominos implemented this same idea months later, selling it with an ad where a worker frisbee’s a pizza at a customer’s window.

Red Wagon saw this as an opportunity to make their own spoof video.

Here is the commercial they were spoofing:

Red Wagon’s owner, Peter Campbell, told Kare 11 he was proud of his team and of how the video turned out, and it looked like his staff had fun making it. Laughter is always the best medicine. 

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