My wife and I moved to Rogers, MN a couple months ago.

As we've been familiarizing ourselves with the area, we recently discovered a property that took my breath away the first time I saw it. Located on River Road NE (or County Highway 42) in Otsego, MN is one of the most majestic homes I've ever seen. It sits past a gated driveaway atop an immaculately-kept lawn. A private lake/pond can be seen to the left of the driveway and a private tennis court on the right. When viewing from Google Maps, an outdoor pool sits out front of the house and the Mississippi and Crow Rivers intersect just behind. It's truly a stunning piece of property, and I can only imagine who lives there.

Google Maps

Turns out, it's a lot harder to find out who owns the property, which only seems to be surrounded in mystery and rumor. According to a 2013 tweet from the account Minnesota Mansions, the home belongs to (or at least did at that time) singer/songwriter Kenny Rogers.

The Rogers claim has been hotly contested, however.

"That does not belong to Kenny Rogers," said one in the tweet's comments section. "That is just a rumor. The last name of Talbot is engraved near the front gate."

"Definitely not his," agreed another.

Sure enough, the name "Talbot" can be see engraved in the stonework at the front gate, though even the name Talbot remains a mystery.

Google Maps

"John Talbot - current owner (Rumor: Kenny Rogers built home)" commented one person at seven years ago.

"The man that lives there is Jim Talbot, not John," countered another. "And he built the house."

"OMG, can't believe the misinformation," said Diane T at "The house was built by James Talbot. He lives there to this day. Local businessman. Not Kenny or the Talbots of the clothing store chain."

A Google search for James Talbot shows various results with no clear indication of which one may own or have owned the property, which is currently up for sale according to a For Sale sign posted in front of the property last time I drove past.

According to, the property contains 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and covers 19,206 square feet on a 707 acre lot. It was last sold for $362,882 in 2018 and currently has an estimated value of $1,907,800. lists the estimated value as $2,283,720.

So really, I can't tell you anything definitive about this home! All I know is -- it's an absolutely stunning property I can only dream of owning! I do enjoy dreaming every time I pass by it, though...

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